Vitex Berry 30ml Tincture


Vitex-berries, also referred to as Chasteberry, are one of the most beneficial women’s health tonic medicines when it comes to treating issues such as hormonal imbalances, infertility, hormonal acne, menopause, nursing difficulties and menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea. It is also a progesterone aiding herbal medicine, meaning that it aids in balancing hormonal health and keeping oestrogen levels regulated. 

  1. balances hormonal irregularites
  2. Regulated menstruation
  3. Aids in cases of amenorrhea, PCOS and other menstrual disorders
  4. Manages hormonal acne
  5. Aids in menopause


Used as far back as the ancient Greecian times, Vitex agnus-castus is a well celebrated hormone tonic. Also known as Monk’s pepper, it has the majority of its written history as a medicine which monks used in the middle ages – most speculate this is due to the fact that written history at this time was focused primarily on men’s health as women’s health was not focused on or recorded until far later in history. Due to it being a women’s hormonal health tonic, it was used to decrease male libido, and thus making the monks ‘chaste’ – hence where the original common name comes from.


However, in modern times this amazing berry is known best in it’s benefits for the female reproductive system. 


One of the most researched areas in which Vitex has a medicinal application is in the treating of unwanted symptoms of PMS including constipation, irritability, moodiness, breast pain and headaches/ migraines. Research has found that this is due to its abilities to rebalance hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone through decreasing the hormone prolactin, therefore reducing these unwanted symptoms. 


Relieving symptoms of menopause are additionally an area in which Vitex shines, aiding in preventing insomnia, night sweats, insomnia and depression. 


It additionally aids in increasing fertility – therefore ensuring that hormones are functioning in harmony and there are no imbalances within the monthly cycles. This is due to the effect which is has on prolactin levels – studies have shown that women who experience a shortened luteal phase (the phase following ovulation) have a decreased chance of falling pregnant due to high levels of prolactin: in its ability to decrease prolactin it aids in managing a healthy period of time spent in the luteal phase. Improved fertility immediately implies hormonal balance, which can alleviate hormonal acne, depression, loss of menstruation, fertility issues, and many other hormonal imbalance issues which can surface. 



10 drops 1-3 x per day 

Check interactions if on HRT and hormonal birth control





Vitex agnus-castus 10000mg, rain water, 99% laboratory grade ethanol