Himalayan Healing Massage Oil




Himalayan Healing Massage Oil

Our expertly crafted blend is designed to uplift, invigorate, and soothe your senses while offering a transformative mental, physical, and emotional experience. Reduce anxiety and cortisol levels with our potent essential oils.

•Rosemary: Renew and rejuvenate with its powerful properties, enhancing memory and focus.

•Ylang Ylang: Create a calming and positive atmosphere, while nourishing and protecting your skin.

• Wild Orange: Energize, uplift, and detoxify your mind and body. Boost your lymphatic and immune system.

• Lavender: Embrace a peaceful environment and relieve stress naturally. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also improve skin imperfections.

Make your massages even more special by taking our massage oil blend along to the spa or pampering yourself in the comfort of your home.