Herbal teas




Our wide range of Medicinal Teas are now in stock, direct from the Kzn Midlands. Whether you need to detox, or have indigestion, bloating, or just need something for immunity, why not sip on some herbal tea ☕

Each tea is carefully chosen with just the right herbs to support your body and help it heal naturally. Choose from the following options:

🍵Colds & Flu: A therapeutic blend of expectorant, decongestant and immune stimulating herbs.
🍵Tummy: a combination of anti-inflammatory, pain relieving herbs.
🍵Detox: A therapeutic blend of herbs to stimulate liver function.
🍵Tummy: A blend of carminative herbs to relieve gastric discomfort.
🍵Pain: A combination of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs for acute and chronic pain.
🍵Immunity: A blend of immune stimulating adaptogenic herbs.
🍵Slim Tea: This blend consists of green tea and a host of other herbs that suppress appetite and assists in weight loss.
🍵Lady: Lady tea (aptly named), is a hormone balancing blend which supports all women during various stages in their life but particularly Menopause.